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Civic Forum on Gender Recognition

On14th January Senator Zappone hosted the first Civic Forum on Gender Recognition in Irish Parliament.

"This was a gathering of interested, passionate, engaged citizens, impacted by the law that is coming and want to influence it - as we all should when our fundamental rights are at stake," said Senator Zappone. "As a law-maker, I am keen to see that the human rights of trans people are progressed in a just, fair and equal manner."

Gender Recognition legislation is scheduled to be debated in the Seanad on 21st January. The Civic Forum was a unique opportunity for members of the trans community and allies to engage in constructive dialogue about the draft legislation and discuss how this legislation will affect people's lives.

"Gender recognition legislation in this country is way overdue. We are behind everyone else in Europe. There is no excuse for this," concluded Senator Zappone.

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