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Career Development Workshops

Are you struggling to find employment? Would you like to change jobs?

TENI and Express YOUR Gender will host a 5-week programme in January-February 2015 that is designed to help you move forward in your career. These dynamic and interactive workshops will support you to develop the skills and confidence that will help you find the right job.

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Gender Recognition Bill - Ireland
Dialogue & Diversity statement on the Gender Recognition Bill:

On 19th December 2014 Irish Government published the Gender Recognition Bill.
Ireland is currently the only country in the EU that has no provision for legal gender recognition. The bill is a step closer to legal recognition of trans people in Ireland. However this Bill does not go far enough as there are still a number of key areas which fail to fully protect trans people and their families.

Ireland must allow transgender people to have their gender legally recognized in a quick, transparent and accessible manner.

Dialogue & Diversity supports recommendation made by Transgender Equality Network Ireland in relation to this bill.

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Marriage Equality referendum in Ireland

Irish Government announced that same sex marriage referendum will be held in May 2015. This is the first time in history when decision about gay marriage will be made by national public vote.

Recent poll  has showed that over 70% Irish are in favour of marriage equality.

Trans Day of Remembrance 2014
The 9th Trans Day of Remembrance Ceremony takes place in Dublin on Saturday 22nd November at 8pm at the Unitarian Church.

"It is important for us to remember those of our community who have suffered and that even in Ireland today, society still does not treat trans people with respect and dignity. In its 9th year, the remembrance ceremony provides an opportunity for us to reflect and honour those who have been lost to us," said TENI Chairperson Sara R. Phillips.
This event will commemorate the lives injured and lost due to transphobia through candle lighting, speeches and songs. We will also look forward to a bright new future and the ways in which we can ensure better lives for trans people in Ireland.

"We must strive to celebrate the positives. Trans people no longer live in the shadows, we are making progress toward equality but we must never forget, never forget the violence, disrespect and inequality that trans people still suffer today worldwide," concluded Phillips.

Ceremony Details

Trans Day of Remembrance Ceremony:

Date: Saturday 22nd November
Time: 8PM
Location: Unitarian Church, 112 St. Stephens Green, Dublin
The ceremony is organised by Sara Phillips, Lynda Sheridan and TENI. Supported by Running Amach, the Unitarian Church and the Lord Mayor's Office.
Would you like to take part in Xmas Market ?
Do you make handcrafts, Xmas decorations, gift cards or bake cakes ?
We would love to see you on Rainbow Xmas Market
6th December 2014; 12pm - 7pm
The Chocolate Factory, 26 Kings Inn Street, Dublin 1

The event will feature a range of market stands offering  Xmas gifts, decorations, handmade cards,  food and drink.
This will be a perfect opportunity for  our community to gather together, enjoy mince pies, mulled wine, listen carols and select presents for our loved ones.

We also host Xmas raffle, with all profits going to Marriage Equality.

Contact us today if you like to take part in the Rainbow Xmas Market



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